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Anyone Had Their Traffic Dip Since The 12th/13th?

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Been hit on most of my sites, stuff going from the top 3 to mid/low page one but traffic is down by upto 40% on some sites. Seems a bunch of people have been hit, just wondering if anyone here has been hit too?


  • @shaun - seems like this missed me. Any idea what was targeted?
  • shaunshaun
    Nah its a strange one tbh. Three sites showing signs across a number of pages. Two of the sites are randomly jumping back to their previous SERP positions for a day then dropping back down for a day, one site seems to have taken a longer-term hit. The below site has been getting around 100 hits per day for a while, then traffic pretty much halfed from the 13th.

    One of the guys from the /r/juststart thread said he has had some success removing/reducing ads on the page so I have reduced ad blocks from 6 to two on the above sites and totally pulled all ads and affiliate links from another site just to see if they react.
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  • Interesting, thanks for sharing. Are you going to wait until after the holidays to see if you can revive these?
  • shaunshaun
    I have pulled all ads of one, reduced ads massively on the other two already so I am just waiting for a recache by Google to see if anything happens.

    It's a nightmare as I literally ordered about $500 worth of content around the 10th December to start scaling only for this to rollout on the 12th. On the flipside though, my main site has been hit but a bunch of its pages are still on the front page of Google so it will still be profitable this month with any luck.

    I am sick of just waiting for the next Google rollout and have been reading up on expected ROI from the stock market due to getting involved in cryptocurrency back in September. Its been a nice reality check of what pro investors class as a good ROI from their money and I am looking to try a zero backlinks slow and steady site ASAP now with a slower ROI but with hopes it lasts longer.
  • @shaun - how old are these sites?
  • shaunshaun
    One is from Feb 2016, one Feb 2017, one April 2017. Although I initially thought this would be an onpage thing, my zero backlink MFA site I randomly found on my analytics profile a few weeks back is fine and has just climbed none stop since the rollout. Spent some time going over the offpage for the sites/pages hit and I have found a few similarities so I have started doing some tests to test out a few theories.

    One of the sites seems to have stabilized at - 50% traffic, one at -20% traffic and one is still all over the place.
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