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Is indexer dead??

I'm an user of this indexer services since a couple of years, usually it was working in a decent way, but last months the site is often "freezed" (buttons doesn't work), and they don't reply to my messages.

Anyone using it, can you confirm me the service is dead? (Everything dead a part collecting the monthly fee... mad )


  • shaunshaun
    Never used them personally, have you reached out to their support? Either way I would cancel the fee until its sorted.
  • Yes, of course I wrote messages to their support and for days I didn't get any reply.
    But yesterday finally I get a response, even if they not fixed the trouble. Anyway now I've found the way to make it works (using explorer), the site doesn't work with firefox and chrome.
  • @peterperseo - what kind of indexing results do you get from this service? I've never heard of it before, and I'm kind of surprised that something this cheap does much of anything these days.
  • Well, now I don't use it so often like in the past, and I don't have made tests recently.
    Anyway it was good in the past, and now is still aceptable, it can ranks a good rate of  links
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