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Link Building

rsharpe75rsharpe75 United Kingdom
Firstly, I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this and if it needs to be moved, I totally understand.

I have been researching tools and methods of link building for a few months now and have decided that I will be making my way forward with GSA SER and SEREngines as the main components.  I do however have several questions with regards methodology as well as additional tools that may be required.

I would like to use GSA to build out tier 1 and teir 2 links to my money site.  As it stands, this is what I am currently thinking of doing but please note, I am very open to suggestions.

Tier 1

- I want each Tier 1 site to consist of what I will call a master page.  This page will contain the 1 link to my money site.
- I will then create what I will call sub pages and there will be between 6-10 of these.  These sub pages will ONLY link back to the master page.
- The above pages will be created on web 2.0 sites using SEREngines
- All of the pages above will be created using good, relevant, original text.
- I will create a layer of social signals that will point to the sub pages.

Tier 2

- These pages will be a mix of web 2.0 sites as well as other verified sites using lists from SERocket
- All link created here will point only to the sub pages I created on the Tier 1 site and not to the master page.
- I will create a layer of social signals pointing to these tier 2 links.

Tier 3

I'm not sure if I will do a tier 3 but if I do, I guess I will follow what most people do and make these links consisting of mainly spammy links.

I would appreciate if anyone could critique this process and perhaps let me know where I may be going wrong or point of better approaches.

With regards to the tools and resources I will need, I have identified the following so far.  I have very likely missed quite a few so any help here would also be appreciated.

- A VPS with at least 8GB of RAM
- Content spinning tool
- Scarpebox (I will primarily use this for keyword research)
- Proxies
- Email addresses
- Social accounts
- Captcha solving

Is there a way in GSA SER to outline the scheme I am looking to build on?

Thank you to anyone who can provide suggestions, enhancements and advice on any of my numerous questions.


  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST
    Solidseovps for proxies, for server, the best spinner for spinning tool, GSA Captcha Breaker for captchas.

    2captcha to solve captchas for SEREngines and @sven released his own catch-all email service forgot what it's called though.

    As for your link building plan looks good. Maybe some other members can take a further look at it 
  • SvenSven
    @710flano, I didn't release any service ;) All we provide are software tools, no services. That comes usually from other people.

  • 710fla710fla ★ #1 GSA SER VERIFIED LIST is the site, guess it's run by the SEREngines crew 
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