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I am adding a set of URLs to a project with keywords and URLs. So the URL I add looks like this I want gsa to use that keyword only. In this case, should I select the option "use keywords as anchor text"? 

Secondly, I dont want to have a common anchor text for all URLs and I cannot keep the anchor text field blank. So if I add a anchor text like "click here" in the main anchor text field, then what will be the % of anchor I added with the URL and what will be the % of text under "anchor text (based on main keyword)"


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    if you add an anchor with the url, then the anchor added in "main anchor" is completely ignored.
  • edited February 2018
    I am adding an anchor to URL in this format.{Inner Page|Site Title}

    In the same project, I have as URL with no anchor. I have my main anchor as "site".

    As per my understanding, backlinks should be created for using the main and other anchors (lsi, branding, partial, secondary, generic and domain).

    Anchor text for should be "Inner page|Site Title".

    The problem here is that backlinks are created with my main anchor (site) linked to

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