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Low LPM ...But My First Time

So far, its over 1 week i started GSA for my tiered link project and its my first time using the software also

i tried as much to pattern my setup with tutorials from videos i watched (dont know if its ok but im sure you guys will point that out for me)

presently, i could only get these few verified links from both tiers (1st tier fluctuate between 85 - 87 )

Here are my problems

i created a 3rd tier but cant activate it (still shows inactive... dont know why?)

email verification...most mail is sent to junk folder (why?) i checked manually.

gsa will say email verification fail when testing emails but when i log in manually it work on browser

my lpm is 0.01 (most of the time) and can raise to 50 sometimes.

im not using 3rd party capcha breaker except gsa cb....

im using 10 semi dedicated proxies

attached is my setting please i need experience users for best direction...
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