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Submitted links are never verified

chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
edited December 2017 in Need Help
After 10 days of SER running and results observation i realize following regularities:
  1. the only links i get are those, which are verified directly at submitting,
  2. Links with the status "submitted" are never verified,
  3. relation "submitted vs. verified" is not depending from keywords and campaign settings and looks like 95% (submitted) : 5% (verified) - from 100 submitted links are 5 verified, and this directly at submission. Another 95 are submitted but become never real links.
It would be nice to get some comments on these regularities from experienced users:
  • About 1 and 2: are there hints how to get links, which will be verfied later after submission?
  • About 3: how high are your relations between submitted and verified links? Are there hints to get more verified links from the submitted mass?


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