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Links from url shortener: correct setup to get links with separator between keywords in the url

chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
How should i setup my campaign (keywords and/or anchors) to get links from urls shorteners with separator between keywords in the url? At the moment i get them without separator.

Campaign setup example
  • Keywords: keywordA keywordB
  • Anchors: keywordA keywordB
Link i currently get through SER from url shortener:, also without separator between keywords/anchors

How should i setup my campaign, so links from url shortener look like:
also with separator between keywords


  • SvenSven
    hard to do actually as many of the shorteners only accept chars and numbers, no "-" or "_". I think you have to skip this.
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  • chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
    edited December 2017
    Isn't it done through special campaign only for url shorteners and "-" in keyword and/or anchor setup? Like:
    • Where to submit: url shortener
    • Keywords: keywordA-keywordB
    • Anchors: keywordA-keywordB
    Well, at url shorteners, which don't take any signs beside of letters, it would be not possible. Could you point me to how i could really skip setting of such links?
  • SvenSven
    sorry, but the scripts remove all but letters and numbers to not get to a situation where the link is rejected because of this illegal characters. I didn't test all combinations for every shortener to be honest...if you want to, you can do that and report back to me so i can modify the scripts.
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