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Relation: submitted vs verified links

chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
I'm doing my first steps with GSA SER. As i understand the relation between submitted and verfied links is mostly depending from the quality of spinning texts.

My questions to power users:
  • what realtions do you reach? How many of your submitted links are verified? 
  • Would you recommend something special, any hint to get more links verified?


  • SvenSven
    a submitted url is only there waiting to either be verified or removed if no verification happens for a longer try/time.
    so the number of submitted should always variate. the verified count is always increasing unless you use re-verify as project option and SER will remove links again if they get removed.

  • chilly_bangchilly_bang Berlin, Germany
    edited December 2017
    A really published link is only the verified one - is it correct?

    Like in the pre-moderated blogs:
    submitted link is placed with the submitted blog post/comment by SER. Then this link will be really published, if the blog moderator approved the post/comment by SER, and SER verified it. Is it correct too?
  • SvenSven
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