What are you using for a rank tracker?



  • Isnt there a rule about dropping backlinks like the above?
  • @icarusVN

    Should be but.. what do you expect.  Glad I saw it because now I can use the URL for my next dummy project.
  • Accuranker is all you need. See posts by @xbyte as he runs it.
  • Scrapebox has a premium RankTracker plugin for 15$. It isn't a super fancy tool but it does the job.
  • I've used software products for some time but I've discovered that my proxies were not as precise as I wanted to, plus there always was an urge to double (triple) check the results, as I am a very careful person. Overall, too much hassle.

    Since then I switched to pay per check service that does the job and does it cheap (for my setup at least).
    There are some quirks here and there since its relatively new but it suits my need for now.

    Its worth mentioning that it has no English interface but its pretty self-explanatory (I mean, add project, keywords, search engine and region and you all set).
    Price per 1 check is ~ 0.001 US Dollar (considering the exchange rates), which I think is kinda cheap. You can schedule daily, weekly ,etc. checks. There is Paypal option that seems to work but I can't say if it will work for everyone since Im paying using different method.

    They've some free plan to try if I remember correctly.

    Here's the link: https://serpseeker.com

    Here's referral link (blatantly put I know, but oh well :@) ): http://bit.ly/1wy2xOm
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