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Recovering lost links

Good day, GSA pplz.

I'm trying to find out how to bring back links.

Let me explain: I had the setting Options-->Options: [x] Verified Links Must Exact URL checked.

Wouldn't this cause a fault in most engines, not verifying a lot of my submissions?

I had this checked everywhere, it seems.  Have to re-check those settings!

Anyway, for URLs with false negative because of this, how do I get them back??


  • SvenSven
    If you use just root URLs without a path it would make no difference.
    If you use deep links, it only makes a difference if SER finds the rood URL (without deep link). Without that option checked, it would not verify it, else it would.

    This however is only the case for special engines like Indexer where e.g. just the domain is shown and a link to it.

    It is also important to have this checked when using e.g. youtube as project URL. Then it would verify the link on all URLs it finds, even videos not the project.
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