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Hotmail Account Pop3 Thingy

Hello just new to using GSA and this is my first project but right now im stuck with the error message "please fill the pop3 data first" its some new hotmail account i just bought but it seems im not able to pass through this stage...please i need help!


  • SvenSven
    if you click on "Find Settings", it should fill that out for you automatically.
  • Coby_007Coby_007 Pretoria
    edited November 2017
    thanks sven...yes i did click the "find setting " button but was redirect to google search with this error message "Your search - "pop3 server" "hotmail.comaWaiysgOSx" - did not match any documents." pls am i doing something wrong? im using port 110 ...if that matters...
  • SvenSven
    you imported the accounts wrong. They have that password at the end of the domain. You better fix that and import again. I have deleted the images so noone can steal your accounts.
  • thanks bro....
  • i still in need of your help...

    ive removed the password from the account and load gsa with it (username only no password) i still got the same error message "please fill the pop3 data first"

    so i clicked on the find setting and a message box pop up instructing me on how to customize my hotmail account....

    as much as i followed the instruction...i got stuck where i need to find the 'customizing hotmail' just couldnt find it. pls i need help...ive spent over 45 min searching for solution
  • SvenSven
    send me a screenshot in pm or send me vps login details and I check it.
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