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How do I add a URL to the verified list? Fix associated accounts data?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited November 2017 in GSA Search Engine Ranker
Good morning, pplz.  I need a little help about this question.

Case one: I want to add a URL from outside of GSA-SER.   How do I add a new URL to the verified list, manually?

Case two: What if it is a URL stuck in submitted, but is actually now verified manually, but not through SER?

If I add the URL, regardless of whether a submitted URL needs to move to verified (case 2), or it's a URL I buffered into the clipboard or saved in a file (case 1), does it append the current verified list or just overwrite?

Also, what about the account information? Let's say for that URL I'm adding, I also had to go in and change the email and/or other data in the live account, so now the GSA record of accnt data is wrong. How do I fix this?

Thank you!!! :)
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