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Drop in Rankings after 200 Contextual Links with SER


I'm experimenting with SER and created around 200 Tier 2 contextual links and noticed that money site has dropped around 10 - 20 positions for the main keywords after 2 days period. I'm not sure if the rankings will improve or decline after some time but was curious - what are your observations?


  • shaunshaun
    Seen similar stuff myself but not as quickly as two days so fingers crossed it is just a google dance due to having new links added to your pyramid. Any chance you can keep us updated with how it goes?

    Inboxed you a link.
  • Sure, I will post updates here.
  • jimmypetersonjimmypeterson London
    edited December 2017
    Thanx for that response
  • beastmodebeastmode NYC
    edited December 2017
    When building links or indexing  a website, video etc it will fluctuate a bit so no worries, I have experienced it with manual work also. It's just the way it is, just monitor a 24hr or weekly ranking checking to see where it levels off. 
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited December 2017
    I also wonder, is link velocity being factored a myth? No better audience to ask...

    I think 1 0 1 0 0 57000 0 2 links in a week flags filters. A fly, a frog, a simple, simple program even, can easily determine that this is a deviation from an essentially  flat line. :p

    This filter can then effectively weed out effects of a competing site's "neg" actions, as well as obvious SEO links. They've claimed for years this filter exists, probably for the good of sensible and less manipulable SERPs?

    But how do they know if it's malicious action against your site, or a poorly done, spammy SEO campaign? Or, a legitimate viral explosion of interest in your site?!

    When to penalize and when to just turn weight neutral? OR, is it BS and they always penalize when these conditions are met?? Wondering... :o
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