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Low competition high CpC

How to find low competition and high CpC keywords.
@shaun Is it possible?


  • shaunshaun
    For the keyword competition part I still use something similar to the keyword research guide I posted a few month back. I have recently been leaning more towards just getting AHRefs as their keyword tool is much quicker and produces keywords of a similar quality within minutes.

    Adsense hasn't been my focus for over a year now as my adsense RPM is around the £4-5 mark while my Amazon RPM is around £80. The main problem I see people do when trying to find high CPC keywords is they use the CPC for the Google Keyword Planner, the displayed CPC there is what Google will charge an advertiser to show their ads within the google search.

    Click tools in the main menu of the keyword planner and select display planner as shown...

    Here is an example of the difference.

    Keyword Planner

    Display Planner

    Although the top end CPC is pretty similar for this particular keyword, the display planner also has a low end of £0. In addition, this is the price that Google charge the advertiser to have their ads places on the display network so Google also take their cut out of this.

    In my experience, I usually get around £0.25 per click with adsense these days as they retarget all the time. For example, your may target the above keyword but adsense will pick up some cookies on the visitors computer and decide to show ads about Netflix instead to try get an increased CTR chance for you.

    Finally, I have noticed Adsense CPC steadily go down over the past 6 months or so. I still put some ad boxes on my filler pages of my money sites but my main focus right now is Amazon with plans to diversify into other affiliate programs and possibly lead gen.
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