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Best practice working in URL Redirect PRO

I'm will to do SEO in high competition keyword via using URL Redirect. I am having 10 High authority PbN, Article has been written manually, I have pointed money site in that. I'm sending this PbN to redirect PRO. In that I have fixed PR filter >5.
I got 2000 redirected links. I have blasted this links with  SER T1 Contextual/T2 Do-Follow.

My Strategy is: SEO Indexer>>SER(Do-Follow)>>SER(Contextual)>>PbN>>Moneysite

1. Is this method is right or should I change anything. 
2. Please advice me and share your knowledge.


  • I probably wouldn't bother with the GSA indexer, but the rest looks solid to me. Not sure if this strategy is still working though - I tried some similar stuff a while back and couldn't move the needle.
  • shaunshaun

    In all honesty, if it was my projects I would just do the PBN links and add in some manual web 2.0s as shown above and then wait 5-8 month, especially if it is a fresh domain. If you have the resources maybe do some bridge network based stuff too. I would use keyword variants for my anchors from my PBN with niche relevant anchors/raw URL from the manual web 2.0/bridge network.

    The majority of my projects that are climbing through the SERPs use variants of the above system with a small number of pages using the below image.

    The only problem with the second image is the guy I used to use to make my manually spun articles doesn't offer that service anymore and I hate doing it myself. I have tried two other people who said they could do it but the unspins from the spintax was gibberish and I could use auto-generated content much cheaper if I wanted to go that route. With my T1 only money pages performing the way they are I just plan to go in that direction.

    This bit is just my personal preference but I no longer build links to my PBN domains, I use the domains existing links to the home page as T2. I recently set off a few tests using non-homepage PBN links with the theory that the DA might be able to push them up as I have BN pages on fresh domains with no links to them pushing pages through the SERPs but I don't expect to know if the tests worked until next year.
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