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GSA Consultant needed - Paid

Hello All,

I need a GSA expert to provide 1hr consulting per month by reviewing what we are doing and

- advising on what we are doing wrong and how to correct it

- Discuss strategy to improve this

What will be your hourly rate for this service.


  • I am interested in this, I am GSA ser heavy user, I also developed a couple of custom engines for SER, one of them is public on the forum:
    I research and test strategy by using SER to boost the ranks of PBN sites which provide link juice to the money site, and it works pretty well for me so far...

    PM your contact info to me.

  • shaunshaun

    Not sure if you guys have seen this or are interested in it but thought I would make yous aware :).
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  • Thanks @shaun :) Not really interested in this type of work but appreciate the shoutout nonetheless.
  • @shaun Thanks for the heads-up! Not interested in it, but really appreciate the shout-out. Did you ever set-off on your international relocation? I am watching for updates  :) How did your bridge network project go? I haven't touched SER for several months now. I am busy with the China market. It is a different ballgame there. Lots of opportunity.
  • shaunshaun
    @viking not yet mate, Planning on staying in the UK until at least the 1st July 18. The bridge network stuff is going well, more and more pages climbing through the SERPs each week.

    It's performing very similar to my PBN/Manual Web 2.0 stuff as well so will probably look to expand into Bridge Networks and Manual Web 2.0s rather than more PBNs as they are much cheaper and potentially safer as theres no niche changing.

    Waiting until the 1st January 18 to see how these current test sites workout and then I'm planning to start scaling and posting stuff on my blog and videos on my YouTube channel but will post an update on how the bridge network stuff is performing in the bridge network thread :).
  • Hello Guys, Thanks for the response I'm based in California. I will get back to the people that has shown interest this is a big project that will be paid on a monthly fixed fee or hourly consultancy monthly. Whoever, I work with may come back to this forum to attest that this might be the best and most lucrative project they have worked on. I only need experts users that I can verify their skills at high level.
  • This starts to sound fishy now... Maybe I'm over suspicious.
    None the less, I wish good luck to your project!
  • It is not fishy, I found this forum via Sats4 the guy tha moderates GSA SER on BHW. I've been a member of bhw forum since 2010 ( 7yrs ) you can check my profile there . As I previously mentioned I will give you a feedback on whoever  work with.
  • PM me - using SER since 2014!
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