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How to Get Infinite Search Results from a Set of Keywords

AlexRAlexR Cape Town
edited February 2013 in Feature Requests
I have read a while ago a feature request that would allow you to tell GSA SER to use the related keywords feature for x amount deep.

I.e. it uses keyword 1 to get results. Then it uses keyword 1 related results. Then it uses the results of these related results. 

This would mean you can place 10 core keywords, and set it to go level 4 and you would have:
10 (original keywords) x 10 related keywords x 10 related related x 10 related related related = 10 000 

Maybe as a start we can have option to use "Related Keywords" 


  • so you want SER to become a keyword research tool also?, this could be awesome but that require other tech stuffs , maybe @sven will launch a Keyword research tool soon =)
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @rodol - not a keyword research tool. But to get SER to use the "related links" option that Google provides. 
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