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Hi, i use VPS and paid proxy, but today my hoster reseive this letter:

"I am the webmaster of and being attacted by a botnet that send HTTP request from more than 30,000 IPs all using the same way of connecting to the site.
The most of them connect ones or twice every second (for to keep a low profile), some of them less but together they are responsible for more than 200 new connections/second, 18 milion/day on a site that has less than 3000 unique visitor/day.

The IP 78.31.XX.XXX belongs to the ones who send request on a higher rate than the most of them.
Many but not all of the IPs are know for to be part of a botnet 

The url they send requests to is:

How well the 78.31.XX.XXX is now blocked (like many of them) by the firewall it still try to connect and slow down my server!"

what could it be? I do not know this site


  • SvenSven
    I will have a look if this comes from one of our tools and remove + update if there is some glitch.
  • yes pls. 
    i use on this server only GSA SER, GSA Indexer and GSA CB
  • Do you use proxies with GSA Indexer too?
  • Yes

    >>>Do you use proxies with GSA Indexer too?

  • SvenSven
    I guess this comes from SEO Indexer and we will remove that resource asap. Hopefully tomorrow we will have it ready with a whole lot of new sites (who need measurement and checking right now).
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