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Keyword Percentages (Partial, LSI, etc.) and Anchor Text

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited November 2017 in Need Help
I am unsure about how this works:

Partial Match, Secondary, LSI, etc percentages in total cannot exceed 100%.

I notice that the Anchor Text area above this does not count toward the total percentage, it instead seems solely for SER use for when you need to insert Anchor Text macro, such as articles or whatever other media require this, or you have some other place (user data, etc.) set up to use that macro.

Does this then mean that if I want the Anchor Text to be used in any other project engine posting besides as a macro in an article, then  I should duplicate the Anchor Texts down below into one of the different categories (Partial match, etc.)? 

Thanks... :)
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