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Internal Proxy Server N/A

edited November 2017 in GSA Proxy Scraper
after some time working internal proxy server stopped getting proxies == Current Proxiy: N/A


  • SvenSven
    the proxy server doesn't get proxies at all!?  Do you mean it no longer working or do you mean that Proxy Scraper itself does no longer find new proxies?
  • I thinks when no request to (internal proxy server), then app showing N/A

    it's true ?

  • SvenSven
    why port 80 ? It's not a good idea using that port as it might get used by so many other apps like apache, Captcha Breaker, PR Emulator and so on. By default it is 8080 which is seen as a usual proxy port.
  • Disctussion must be closed I figured out the problem
  • SvenSven
    please tell us what it was, else others might ask the same or come here who are not that lucky.
  • I telled: when no request to internal proxy server, then app showing N/A
    just my mistake ))
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