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Error : No Unused Emails Accounts for this page

I am getting this error often. And i do not understand why.
I have 200 Email accounts setup. I have a 1000 URL's and i have setup that it is allowed to create 90 accounts with 15 links in it. 90 * 15 = 1350 urls. So i should not run out of email adresses. 
I also have set Allow Posting on the same site and Per URL checked. 
The only explanation i can think of is that i set it up to add the same URL multiple times to the same site.
And that is not what i want only i want a URL only once per site.

Can somebody help me explain this ?
Or tell me what i am doing wrong ?



  • SvenSven
    1000 urls would make 1000 emails when creating one account per url...
  • What do the settings "Allow posting to the same site" & "per URL" Mean then ?
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