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How to set up 2captcha to solve V2 Recaptcha

I have GSA captcha breaker set up to send all recaptcha & web 2.0 captcha's to the captcha service 2captcha but It is still giving me this error: registration failed (No recaptcha v2 solving enabled)

I don't want to send all the captcha's to 2captcha, I only want to send recaptcha's, recaptcha v2 and web 2.0 captcha's.  How do I do this without triggering this error?


  • SvenSven
    enable that service only for hard captchas and it should work just for that.
  • I did have it enabled in GSA SER before and it was eating up way too many of my captcha credits because I guess it was also using 2captcha to solve a bunch of other captcha's besides just recaptcha, recaptcha v2 and web2.0 captcha's.  Can't you guys just add the recaptcha v2 option to GSA CB so I can enable it to send that to the captcha servicve as well?
  • Or can you maybe add an option in GSA SER to the captcha section of the settings to enable a service only for recaptcha v2 captcha's? That would also work equally well.
  • SvenSven
    well hard captchas are basically solvemedia + recaptcha...nothing else right now.
  • Is it possible that you guys can set up something where I can set a captcha service to ONLY solve recaptcha 2.0's?  That way I can have my capthatronix solving the recaptcha's and then have 2captcha solve the recaptcha 2.0's?
  • SvenSven
    sorry not right now.
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