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Clear main URL

1. when I delete the main URL and insert a new one, the old URL remains in the list. How to permanently delete an old URL? How can I delete the old URL in several projects? I just want to clear this field
2. When I create a project tier - this checkbox "Use random URL from above on every submission (else in sequence)" - affects anything?


  • 1. When you modify the URL field it's better to use the "Edit" button at the end than just replacing the URL. I personally prefer the edit all option and enter the URL into there.

    2. I don't know how is that works with tiers but it's gonna be a mess anyway.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2017
    2. That checkbox seems to affect sequence URLS are processed in.

    So, if unchecked, all URLs get the same number of submissions, else it's randomized and you will end up with varying numbers of submissions per URL you have set.

    This seems regardless of which way you have the project set, using URLs added (in some way) that show on the blank or if you have the [] Use Verified URLs checkbox checked.
  • Yes, it works that way or rather it supposed to work that way.

    Although it doesn't really matter at the end which one you pick in terms of verified URLs. SER won't check if every single URL has the user set number of backlinks. It only makes sure that if you had 50 URLs to build 100 backlinks to then you must have 5000 verified backlinks at the end.

    Due to link death rate some URLs will have 3 others 47 backlinks no matter what option you pick.

    Except of course if you have a super duper list when every single submit turns into a verified link. In that case choosing the sequenced submitting would yield evenly distributed verifieds.
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