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Do not use branded anchor as "verified_anchor_text"

Hi @Sven,

I am wondering if it is possible to not use the anchors that are defined as "branding anchor text" as anchor text for another project when building tiers link or link wheels.
Example: THe project branding anchor text is "facebook" and the first link L1 is created with this anchor "facebook" and url is "". This article is posted on
The second article of the same project create a link to the first article because "insert up to ... verified links form project" is enabled in article manager. The issue here is that while the 1st article is posted on wordpress, the anchor text for the link pointing to it that will be created in the the second article will have the anchor text "facebook" because I guess this is what "verified_anchor_text" returns. In this case this anchor text is wrong.
I think that "verified_anchor_text" should not include branding anchor to avoid a situation like that where the anchor is wrong. Using a keyword/generic or other type of anchors is better here in my opinion.

If I am using it the wrong way please let me know how I can avoid this situation. If you think it should be changed too maybe an op


  • SvenSven
    but why should facebook as anchor being wrong? I would agree on it if the branding anchor is a domain/url and the underlying url is not that url/domain but in this case it sounds ok to me.
  • Hi @Sven,

    My example was not the best. Usually what I put in branding is with the tld. So for the domain it would be
    {|nbatv|nba TV|nba}
    So this branding anchor is really linked to the target domain.
    Now if a backlink pointing to the first backlink is created, the anchor could be "" too even though the backlink/article is posted on
  • SvenSven
    i have just looked this up in source and in case the anchor is an url or domain of the verified url itself, it is changed to the url/domain of the link itself.
  • Thanks for verifying. 

    This mean that for the other anchors it won't change it?
    Isn't it better to replace the anchor in case it is a "branding anchor"? Because branding means that it is related to the domain only otherwise it is not different from the other anchors we can put like secondary anchors etc...
  • SvenSven
    actually no. Branding for me would also be the name of the company or some products with (TM).
  • ok different point of view but you are the developer! :)
    I will avoid using branding like "domain tld" and "domaintld" as anchor because in this case the verified anchor will be wrong.

  • SvenSven
    well as long as the anchor is anything like an URL or domain, it is properly changed.
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