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GSA low LpM LvM

Hello, guy I build 60k verified list, and I wanna reuse it for T2, and my sumbiting links are very low per minute about 20 LpM
and verified is 5 VpM. Anyone got idea what is wrong? Because building T2 takes me years


  • edited November 2017
    There is a lot to change in my opinion. You can find shawns post and he shows you how to get a ton of lpm. Depending if you have no filters or more do follows vs no follows and others things checked. I'm no longer worried about link speed. G will just dump your site off of the serps if it looks Spammy.  I focus on building it slow and staying under g radar. You can find niches you don't need a lot of links for but you do need some.
  • You can clean your own list. You can check shauns guide about cleaning. Or you can create some dummy projects and list often dead . by getting a link list service you can save your ass.
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