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To The Experts In The House...If You Are To Start All Over

I have tried looking for answers to my query...although i know it will be there somewhere but i have not been able to locate it on this forum so i decided to ask anyways...besides its late October 2017 and as we all know SEO is an ever changing game

My question is,,,

Assuming you have to start all over again ie without your money making website...No Tools Except

your GSA search engine ranker
Your scrapebox
and a site that is far off the google ladder
And just $150 to your name

And you need to make like $1.5k in the next 50 days or you will be thrown out of your apartment!

How do you go about making sure you have a shelter on your head comes 50 days time?...

The truth is,,,this is my situation and i need to find a way out and im believing someone here might give me a clue on how to achieve my goal...



  • I would go to England and get a nice job in a factory.
  • Funny...its more expensive going to england these days... :)
  • Coby_007Coby_007 Pretoria
    edited October 2017
    Come on @TheGypsy i know you've got some ideas up there...share with me. i know you cant be in my situation but assuming you find yourself there you cant just pack your things and say you are leaving for england...youve got $150 :#
  • You can always go on foot :D That saves a lot on housing too.

    But seriously, you wont make it in google in 50 days even if you had more money. Well maybe you could buy some sweet links with a bag of cash but then your site could burn to death the next week.

    If your site sells something you could do adverts to generate some traffic but not 10x ROI...
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    edited October 2017
    Well, I did that once. I would do it again. I am a gypsy. :)
  • maybe i'll join your caravan... just let me know when your passing through my side... :D

    im thinking of actually buying some guest post links from 'reputable' services since my keywords are long tail and they are easy to rank 'i used keyword finder' to checked.

    But then again, i have the ultimate tools yet handicapped  to using them :s
    do you by any chance know of any service to assist in selling quality links. 

  • Yeah, soon it's time to move on. I've been here too long already...

    Buying links works. If you are lucky they work for a long time.

    I've heard good things about t0mmy on BHW some time ago but he may be too pricey and takes longer then 60 days...

  • Tanx i'll check him up...
  • Scrapebox - scrape emails and sell lists to businesses, bulk email and sell web design, SEO. Don't bother with your site, you'll spend 50 days hoping and when it doesn't pay off, you're in the shit and didn't try anything else.

  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    1. Get into a time machine and go back to 2013.
    2. Rank and bank.

    If that's not possible, get a job if you truly are in danger of losing your home. Which somehow I doubt :)
  • I started last year building sites and it took me 4 months to start earning any money.  Take whatever job you can to keep a roof over your head and work on Seo on the side. If you try to force it you will burn out but if you love it you will keep at it and it will payoff some day. Just my opinion.
  • It depends with your capacity. For a newbie it's a big challenge. You better to concern freelancing work for now and lately think about SEO. 
  • Go to or Sell some blasts and if your good with wordpress maybe sell some design work. Maybe bid on some jobs on scraping.

    Forget Organic Google that is the fastest way to an eviction! Depending on your niche it can be a slow slow and expensive ride today to get rank.
  • Yeah, 4 months sounds like a good benchmark to start seeing results to me.
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