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what to do when url shorteners are no longer working ?

i selected all the url shorteners to use, some of them stopped working after a while, and most revert to their main url.
what do i do when this happens ?
i dont if its all urls from that url shortener in every single project, or just the ones i clicked.
some mention that "that domain has been blacklisted" (approx)  im not over using them, just a few per day etc

here are some of the urls :-


  • Also, is the awstats pinger working ?
    because i scraped 40,000 urls from unique domains, set up a project for it to just do "referrer" & excluded drupal because i did not scrape for that, set it to stop at 5 verifications a day.
    i let it run, & it went through the whole 40,000 domains, but not a single one was verified, even at a very low success rate it would not be "0" (zero)  and a large percentage of the sites were awstats etc sites/urls
  • Has anyone got the answer to any of the above please ?

    such as Also, is the awstats pinger working ?

    if its not working then i cant use it.

    thank you in advance
  • Don't use all the URL shorteners. Find those that are reliable and use only the quality ones.
    As of awstat pinger I have no idea.
  • Thanks for the response,
    regarding awstat pinger, for all the potential comments about it being outdated etc, ive seen sites rank using just that & no other links for good keyword terms (recently)
    so i thought i'd ask seeing as i went through 40,000 domains & not one single link got verified.

    Also - "URL shorteners"  - which are the "quality ones" ? 
    is it a good idea to use URL shorteners to link to money site urls ? & post lower tiers to the URL shorteners urls ? (so that the URL shorteners urls get indexed etc ?

  • I doubt that but if you say so then figure it out how they do it and you are set.

    Set up a test URL shortener project and check which URLs are alive after a week, month, year. Those who live longest are the most reliable.
    When I use shorteners I tend to use 301 and dofollow as I was just plain lazy testing the other options and those seemed a logical bet. But you can test the rest and draw your own conclusions. You may find something interesting.

    Some use it others don't. I can't give you advice on this.
  • thanks for the response,
    "I doubt that"
    yes, it was for a localized search term in a big town with a large volume search (about 1,000 a day on a broad match)  about 2 weeks ago.

    are you sure about the "dofollow"  - because of temperamental google ?
    i was just implementing it & the popup window came up on GSA & i had second thoughts.

  • Yes, I'm sure I was lazy about it. :) But you can test them. Set up test projects. Each for all type of redirect then blast them with the same amount of links then index the links. Check the index rate of each project you set up and decide which worth your resources and which doesn't.
  • OK , thanks !

    i found that some of the urls i am linking to have not received any recognized links (i.e. using semrush)  at all, & some of the links built, i.e. forum links are not indexed by google at all, this is despite building links to them for 6-8 weeks, so i am having to rethink the links i am attempting to build & cutting out things that are not working, ive dropped the forum links altogether.
    ive done a lot of research on here regarding tiers etc, but there seems to be no definitive opinion on it.
  • Why did you bother scraping your own list of awstat pinger sites if you already found someone else who's ranking with a (seemingly) good list? Just get all of his links from Majestic or Ahrefs and you should be golden.
  • they were at the top of the serps for a good term, the only links they had were awstats type links according to semrush, (i did other checks as well)  and they had done no (basically none) seo, company name as a page title like "smith & perkins"  no keywords in domain, etc etc  smith&

    when i clicked on the link pages in semrush, the links were not there
    the pages were   (all as far as i could see)
    and scraping for the domain in google did not scrape any awstats urls

    i set it to do 5 verifieds a day, (drip feed etc) , none were verified, so it just ran & ran & went through the whole list (crazy)

    i only wanted to do 5 a day, but none were verified, so it just kept going.

    so is the "awstat pinger" working ?

  • My guess is that the website you were looking at has a well hidden pbn and that its rankings have little to do with awstat pinger.
  • How do you find/see the hidden links a site has (all of them)
  • ps
    so is the "awstat pinger" working ?
  • 1. There's no guarantee that you'll be able to do it. Your best bet is probably to use a lesser known link checking tool. Your next best bet is to use Google with some creative thinking.

    2. I don't even know what "awstat pinger" is for certain. I doubt that it's ranking sites, but anything is possible.
  • OK,
    "Your best bet is probably to use a lesser known link checking tool."
    did you have one in mind ?

     Your next best bet is to use Google with some creative thinking."
    i put the naked url in google & nothing came up that were links.

    "I don't even know what "awstat pinger" is for certain"
    under "referrer" engines/platforms  its supposed to put a link on referrer logs that use awstats etc, some have changed their awstats to just text based & not link based (a while ago)
    it sends a message to awstats etc that visitors have come from your site, and so puts it in the referrer logs, & creates a text link to the "refferer" site (your site)

  • Will your next post just ask me to find the pbn for you? :)

    If you suspect that an engine is broken, you should email GSA's support. We're just regular users of the software like you are. If you're still asking if it "works" as in does it rank sites, I think the responses you've received here plus some common sense should tell you probably not.
  • "If you're still asking if it "works" as in does it rank sites,"
    no, does it work - as in is it working, (at all) - if it isnt working at all then it wont rank sites.

    " I think the responses you've received here plus some common sense should tell you probably not."

    no-one has said it is not working, thats why i asked again, (i dont know if its working or not - thats why i asked, i thought someone might have used it, )

    you previously said " I don't even know what "awstat pinger" is for certain" 
    thats why i asked again- because you said you did'nt know.

    no offence meant - because i thank you for your answers, but i asked again because you said you did not know.

    thanks again for the input,  if the awstats pinger is in the software then i assumed it was "working"  & someone must have had previous experience of it before. :)
  • Ok, that's a much more reasonable question than I thought :)

    I can probably get you a few dozen sites that SER *should* be able to post to. PM me if you want them. If they don't work, you should have solid evidence that the engine is broken. I would test myself but I don't have an active install at the moment.
  • Hello redrays, & thanks for the list, i posted to them, the same as before, and not a single one was verified.
    so  - ???????????????
    i know that some awstats etc sites dont put the text link on the site, it just puts the url in text (not a link)  on the site,(this was introduced after pr storm & scrapebox first started doing this to deter people from pinging awstats sites to get links, & i know some sites you need a minimum amount to put a link on the site, (i.e. the lowest amount of visitors from a site might be 30 - so you need 31 pings/visits to get on the list)  & i checked in GSA & cant find a way to alter the amount of pings it sends to each site, it only sends 1 ping.

    so - i dont see why it is'nt working / cant work, but none were verified .

    out of 25 (your list) & 40,000 whatever even at a low success rate then some would stick, but both times it is 0 verified
  • Not sure of the exact process, but you should put in a support ticket with your logs. The sample that I sent you are from a verified list, so if they are not working for you something is wrong.
  • OK, thanks for that, i did'nt realise they were verified urls.
  • No worries, I should've clarified. They are verified and should be fairly fresh.
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