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Hello I got question becuase I wanted build 200 wordpress blogs and manage them throw RankerX + blast GSA T2/T3, but after post 1 post to authority site on all 200, about 70 get suspneded/banned instant. I worrie that after NEXT and NEXT posting my wordpress of LIVE wordpress blogs will descrease to 0. Maybe somone have this issue and know how to resolve this ban rate and suspend rate?


  • Welcome to the web2.0 game. This is how you roll with automated tools. 70 out of 200 is not that bad.

    Maybe you should try to warm up your properties with a couple of filler articles over some days or weeks and then post links. That may help your rate.
    Also make sure you have enough proxies for posting to and enough time between two post with the same proxy.
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