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Hi again. Publish article with auto generated urls.

Hi, I tried setup a progectthat inster url with anchors in generated articles.
When i want to publish these articles on blog, my urls is not published. My "don't publish url" is uncheced.
How to publish with generated urls?
Thank you.


  • You can see first youtube through learn gsa and then post article if any issue you can search on google.
  • Thank you. I watch tutorial, also make some tests. What i see: when article is spinned, chance to have no link are bigger. If article is not spinned, is ok, link are in content. How to do permanent link in article, after publishing on external blog?
  • SvenSven
    a link is added after spinning so that should not cause any issues!?
  • i see sometimes is added, sometime, no...
  • SvenSven
    hmm ok i will see what it might cause and update it.
  • thank you for your attention
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