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How do the different ways I can import target URLs into a project work?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
I know of the following ways of using non-GSA-on-the-fly-scraped target URLs. I am unsure about much about each.

-Project Options page has:  "folder with data file to use" option. Does this then load whatever file(s) are in this dir into the project as targeted?

-Project External APIs page has: "import URLs from external file" and an interval counter. Is this for when I want to use a list that is being added to in real-time, loading the new entries in the file into project targets list?

-Project panel right-click->import target URLs->from file. This simply loads the contents of this one file, the one time the user performs this action, into GSA-SER project target list?

-Using Global Lists. I know you set "Use URLs from global site list if enabled" to checked, and then check one (or more??) boxes for identified, verified, submitted, and failed. Then, select in the Options->Advanced menu the corresponding list and set the path to the path of the file you are using as the global list. Does the checkbox  "use URLs from global..."  have to be deselected?



  • SvenSven
    Project Options page has:  "folder with data file to use" option.
    That data files are those where certain scripts read the content from like the names.dat file. It will not use target URLs from here.

    Project External APIs page has: "import URLs from external file"

    That are URLs who are used as verified URLs for the project.

    Project panel right-click->import target URLs->from file
    Thats the one you might want to use. That are plain URLs you import and the project will identify and use them correctly.

    Using Global Lists
    For that you must know what type of engine the URL is from. So you better tkip that if you have just URLs.
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  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Thank you, kindly, @Sven. :)

    I understand now. I was way off on a lot of this! So for global option, I'd need to filter URLs thru GSA Platform Identifier and point to the folder PI has categorized URLs into sub-folders in?
  • SvenSven
    SER has one tool as well to add them to site list (options->advanced->tools->import urls...
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