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Do i Need The GSA Capcha Breaker

Hi guys im new on the forum and i just purchased my gsa search engine ranker (and i hope to make good use of it). I have loads of questions to ask you guys but firstly i really want to know if its utmost important to buy the gsa capch breaker ? i know it is very important but presently its a bit pricey for me, can i use alternative breakers instead (monthly subs) then when i have the money i can buy the gsa capcha breaker.
Also can someone help me out by explaining why i should opt for verified links that are on sale my some members instead of trying to generate mine (will it save me from using additional proxies or what?)



  • Hi,

    It depends what you want to do.
    If you want to post manually you can solve the captchas manually.
    If you want to use SER with SEREngines you need a monthly service anyway as Captcha Breaker wont solve those captchas.
    Otherwise, yes you need to buy the captcha breaker too.

    You wont have money using SER alone. You have to spend a lot more before you can generate any income. Proxies, vps, indexing services, captcha services, link list, emails, T1 links, etc...

    You can scrape your own list or wait for SER building up the verified list. Both could take months depending your experience in scraping. Buying a link list will shorten that time to mere minutes.

  • Thank you @TheGypsy for you response

    This is what i had in mind initially

    Get myself a vps (having slow internet here)
    Get myself some semi/dedicated proxies (maybe 10)
    Subscibe for monthly capcha breaker service ($10 - $20/m) (i though paying $140 is very expensive right now)
    I have a subscription with indexification
    Ive got some web 2.0 properties that i scrapped with SB (High PA properties) for T1 & T2
    I hope to buy some emails on fiverr

    And i though i was good to go but....

    i actually wanted to start slow and steady as im still new to using the software.

    You made mention of the 'link list' can you tell me more about it (if i decides to go for buying the link list would i still need all ive listed above and can you recommend the best place to get good link list to get started if i decides to take that route?) thank you

  • If you are on a budget then don't bother with a vps until you can set up a project and post a couple of links with it. This will take some time when you are first trying with SER.

    To be honest I didn't know you can get a monthly captcha service for that cheap.

    I have no experience with indexification. Indexing services come and go. Be prepared to check your index rate frequently and switch provide if you are not happy with the results.

    I've never tried fiverr for emails but have a look at buyaccs. It's cheap but sometimes payments are complicated.

    Verified link list isn't a must. It just saves you time when you know what you are doing. You can play around with SER for a month or two and then decide if you want to go on that route or not. Loopline seems to be the guy for this stuff nowadays but I have no first hand experience with his list yet.
  • Why i added a vps to my list was because i have a snail connection and i thought working on a vps will solve that problem...

    well capcha services (i think some of them have it as 1k solved capcha for less than a $...or am i missing something?) i actually thought if a spend like $20 every month i could get decent result pls correct me if im wrong

    buyacc (i will add it to my go to list...thank you)

    I know this sound stupid but let me ask anyways

    ive only got GSA on my much do you think i will need to get every other tools  set for a good and result oriented campaign?

    or what are the most important tool to buy now as a newbie just starting out?

    Also a more stupid question who do you think i should spend my time following/reading his thread on this forum?

    Thank you

  • A VPS is cool to have but if you don't know what you want to do and how you want to do with the software then it's just an extra not worth it's price.

    I don't know if you are wrong or not cos I don't know what you want to do with SER. As a precaution don't top up your captcha a account with all your budget. You'll see how far you get and adjust strategy.

    There is no limit you can spend on tools :) but it will get you nowhere if you don't know what you want to do with them. First figure out what exactly you want to do and why. Then buy a tool for your needs. I bet scrapebox will be one of them but who knows...

    The most important tool for a newbie is ahref. Learn what your competitors doing and why they do that.

    If you are hell bent on learning GSA SER then check out shaun marrs blog.
    If you have questions use the query in google: your question
    There are buried gems in old threads worth looking for.

    Otherwise if you follow the forum for a couple of weeks you will know who to listen to. It's not as hectic as BHW.

  • Wow thank you for your support...really appreciate you 

    OK..i will remove the vps stuff from the list for now...

    Well i want to do what everybody is doing with SER,,, rank my and my clients money site...but really dont know how to go about doing that for now with gsa...

    On the capcha stuff... what do you suggest...wait and get money for the gsa capcha service or i should try out the monthly subs...of course i know many used the two together...

    well i have scrapebox already and i have a sub with ahref i used in tracking my competition...

    what i actually meant by tools was...add-ons to use with gsa to get started...infact my dilemma is the capcha breaker!

    i have bookmarked shaun marrs blog and visiting right away...
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas

    You can find ways to use GSA-SER without Captcha Breaker.

    Like @TheGypsy said, for manual posting small projects, you can solve the captchas yourself.

    If you scale up your projects, you won't be able to keep up. You can try. lol I think that's why one of the popular live API services is called "Death By Captcha". :)

    GSA Captcha Breaker can serve as a first-line solver, with Recapt..2 and difficult captchas going to services with live people and/or OCR.

    GSA-CB also allows you more complex solving options than other products.

    If you're into it, you can also improve the solve rates and make new captcha types. Definitely fun!

  • Thank you @Deeeeeeee really appreciate your response. please can you tell me what a "small project" is? although the question sounds vague but i want to know if its something i can truly do myself without the use of CB's. Like am just starting out how small can "small project" be?
  • Well, if you have ahref then check out your top ten competitors backlink profile for one of your keywords.
    Try to copy it with the tools you have available. If you can't, then find ways to build similar link profile with different methods/tools or drop the keyword because it's too hard for you.

    While doing this you inevitably set up projects with SER and will learn what is small, big project and what are your limits.

    You have to try and fail then think and try again.

    PS. If reputation matters to you then don't take clients until you can rank your sites as you're going to mess them up no matter what you do. :D
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