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Hello, can someone tell me how to do web 2.0 in GSA and readd post to same created blogs? Its very important for me, I searched in diffrent ways but I didnt found any articles related to it. Thx :*


  • SvenSven
    please explain, i didn't understand your question.
  • I want create by GSA web 2.0 articles/accounts(for example, and reuse them to repost (add fresh content to same web2.0), just to manage created before web2.0. I think I explained it understoodable @Sven my English is low.

  • I'm not sure you can create much web 2.0 with GSA SER only. You need to use GSA-SEREngines to create web2.0

    But when you can manage to create accounts you can export the created accounts and import them into different projects.

    I'm not sure is this is what you are asking though as simply adding more articles to a project can be achieved easily in the article manager.
  • yes @TheGypsy I wanna export accounts I made before in same niche, and post there my new moneysite link in new article, but on created before accounts, ofcourse if this option is available.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    If I understand you correctly, sounds like you need SEREngines to get this accomplished, assuming they support the Web 2.0 engines you're using. You may also want to look into something like RankerX.
  • edited October 2017
    I want reuse spots from GSA, RankerX got maybe 30-35 success rate of creation with web 2.0 and its blind creation u cant fix nothin if something is wrong
  • TheGypsyTheGypsy Madrid
    edited October 2017
    You can do that by right click on a project then select 'Modify Project' > Import > Account data

    But as @redrays mentioned you need to have the engines in SER to be able to post to the accounts.
  • and then setup scheduling posting? and thats all?
  • There is no perfect web2.0 tool out there @webb. We work with what we have :) You may want to check out Autofill Magic. It's a semi-manual tool but if you care about your t1 deeply you may like it.
  • yea I see I look around on Autofill Magic, but it will be hard to manage there 500web 2.0. So in my case useless :S
  • Am searching something to manage 100-200 tumblrs, 20-50, 20-50 overblog, 20-50 blogspots, 20-50 webnode, 20-50 weebly, someone know great tool for this? Its my second day I spent to make reserch ;/
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    Your options are basically SEREngines or RankerX, although I know some people who use Money Robot as well.
  • and then setup scheduling posting? and thats all?

    I wouldn't advise you to start using SER out of nowhere if your T1 matter to you. Set up a test project and try to do what you want then check if SER did what you wanted. If everything is as it should be then set up your live projects. SER is really complicated sometimes. It does things differently as you would expect.

    yea I see I look around on Autofill Magic, but it will be hard to manage there 500web 2.0.

    Nobody said it's gonna be easy ;) But yes, your options are gonna be then SEREngines or RankerX. Maybe you want to have a look at Turboweb 2.0 as they have a platform trainer and a 14days trial. It's a bit clunky software or it was when I last checked it but you may find some use of it.
  • ok thx all for answers ! :)
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