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Enhanced User Profile Creator

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited October 2017 in Feature Requests
@Sven and pplz at GSA truly have a crazy good product here.  Hands down, GSA-SER wins...

I was wondering -- if it would be worth it to add this, if not then no worries-- about creating an enhanced account profile creator.

The result would be accounts that look way more real.

A GSA-SER user could maybe set user-defined flags via a checkbox menu that pops up from the project data page that allows the SER user to check off language, region, country, age group, personality, politics, and more.

If the user definitions aren't set,  GSA-SER would always randomly set the gender flags and others, creating a profile set which can then be used (or ignored) by the SER user to alter the account creation details via conditionals in the macros.

The user could automatically add a profile photo to match the currently generated profile.

This could easily be done if the macro language you guys developed gets a new conditional for checking such flags.
%if-flag-man-yes-then [profile_pics_guys.dat]% or whatever. Simple conditional would work.

About Me pages can be more dynamic this way and much more.

I don't know if this is a waste. It's just an idea, either way. :|

The only other thing would be a need to have a separate male and female name list, as well as rewriting it so that this automated process can also work with the new flags if the user has this function turned on. As GSA-SER takes care of that part automatically, if the name/gender is off, all else will be for nothing.

I am learning right now about engines and creating lists and such, that's probably more important than thinking about this.  While a fun topic to think about, will it lead to more success with SER? lol

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