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Profile Images For Male and Female? Ideal size & filetype for profile pic?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
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Good morning. :)

I wanted to know how others deal with the profile pics. If you use custom profile pics, whether entered at the blank or in a file, the men and women are not separated.  So, you could end up with a women's name and the photo of a man. lol

I know I can use images that are not people. An easy solution. But I want to use people.

I see the names.dat file contains entries for both genders so it looks like I should just get with the times and remember now sometimes men have women's names and vice-versa. lol

Also, I wanted to know the ideal size and filetype for the profile pic I should use.  Thanks............!


  • You can set up two projects. Set up custom folders with custom data one for each project and you are good to go.
    Also you could play around with macros as Sven implemented some pretty advanced stuff there but that may be overkill here.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    That would definitely work. Don't know if it's so important to bother doing that. :/

    Cool that it can be done even now. I'd just have to make a new names.dat list for each gender, along with the splitting each project into two.


    I could use pics of very androgynous people.


    Use pics of things, emoji-type stuff, cartoons, silly stuff, graphics, and keep away from people pics for this.

  • People use all sort of crap for profile picture. Just look around on this forum or BHW...
    Make sure there are no dildos when you post to recipe sites and the rest will fly no problem
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "Make sure there are no dildos when you post to recipe sites and the rest will fly no problem" -@TheGypsy

    lol In that context, they could be mistaken for rolling pins
  • Yeah, actually the more I think about it the more sense it makes to market dildos on recipe sites. That's the same audience but much bigger than a niche porn site...
    I wonder how much would charge me for spot :D
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited November 2017
    @TheGypsy: ROTFL  That made my morning,,, :)

    I thought of the easiest way for now, 2 easy steps:

    1. Just create two new files: names.dat for men, and names.dat for women.  Rename one of the two to the name "names.dat" when needed, and rename the inactive one to "names_men.dat" or "names_women.dat" when you're creating the opposite gender.

    2. Just point the project to a new profile_image_men.dat or profile_images_female.dat file for lists of profile images corresponding to each gender, and you're set. 

    All profiles created during this GSA-SER run will be either M or F.

    * The not-so-easy pre-step: making the  male and female list, though this would be imperative for ANY of these gender/pic ideas.

    In fact, this could be done to create a run of very specific users, say European women with blonde hair who are into fitness and health, or overweight black men with vision issues. The profiles can even be swapped out and geared toward each specific category of users.

    I still like the dynamic idea in the other post (adding a few randomized/settable flags and more), but this will work.
  • That would work no problem. 
    Or you create two folders one named boys other named girls.
    You put all relevant .dat files there that you need for your project.
    You create two project one named girls other named boys and point them to their respective folders you have just created.
    Start both project. Double LPM B)
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