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why exactly do we need proxies with gsa ser ?


i am learning to play with gsa ser. i use it with spartanseo catchall and gsa captcha breaker.
most tutorials recommend using proxies too. i am a bit unclear about the real reason for using proxies ?

if we can post directly, why exactly do we need proxies ? how do they help.


  • shaunshaun
    If you are scraping Google then its a good idea to get some public proxies. If you are posting to the same site a bunch of times then its a good idea to get some semi-dedicated proxies incase the site has some form of DDOS protection and mistakes your server IP as an attempt as DDOS and reports your IP.

    That being said, if its mass link building you want you I managed to get over 600 LPM with free public proxies in this case study.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    Whatup @Fredpanda? :)

    Proxies are not 100% necessary. You COULD use GSA-SER directly, without proxies, to post only a few posts with amazing content.  Or, to post to your self-hosted WordPress or other CMS site. Lots of things, really.

    Like @shaun said, it's really the best idea to use even pubic proxies or better if you're doing any scraping. ABC&G  ;) sees these repeated connections and requests from your IP as suspicious behavior. Proxies for scraping must pass G search.

    What could happen? G could then make u do recap..2 every time YOU want to look something up. Oh, and, not just once, but over & over & then tells u sorry no You'll have to use a proxy all the time.

    You need  proxies for posting, too, if mass campaigning. Good private proxies, also, may be worth it for you.

    Why? Public proxies can be trashed in minutes to hours to days. How trashed? Public proxy IPs get blacklisted by services with shared lists.

    Hope this was helpful!
  • @fredpanda  Proxies are must if you use gsa ser. Nobody wants to use gsa ser for few posting am i right ? You are looking for a blast with gsa ser ? When someone going to use same IP for 100s of 100s of accounts in your site what you gonna do ? Same thing do others too. So you must have to use proxies whatever you do with a link building tool. It applies to every single mass link building tool in the world. 
  • I am right now using gsa for tier2/3 and posting small quantities of back links. 

    So it appears to work fine without proxies.

    And I avoid scraping Google. So that part is fine too. 
  • fredpanda 

    But it's highly recommended to use proxies. There also risk getting kicked from your VPS provider due to abusing.
  • Yes you can use proxies GSA purpose.
  • redraysredrays Las Vegas
    In addition to what others have said, many hosting providers require that you use proxies with any seo tool. It's pretty easy to get free public proxies using the method @shaun describes, and I see no reason not to just do that.
  • redrays  I guess that because time is money and we all need to squeeze as much as possible. You will also get more output with private proxies. That should be the reason.  ;)
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