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Where I can get this types of proxies

I'm looking for best proxy provider for scraping in GSA SER. Most of the proxies get banned after 5-10 min. of scraping. But I've seen that one of my friends are using this types of proxies and it working fine. But he does not want to share the name of this proxy provider.

Any suggestion? 


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Seems like private or shared proxies in the typical IP:PORT:USER:PASS format?

    Pretty much all proxy providers allow for this kind of format, but the format doesn't make a difference in the quality of the proxies you get. 
  • s4nt0s, Can you suggest me the best proxy provider for gsa scraping?
  • @theresamoore143 

    With your question i assume you as a newbie than me, So ..........

    I am pretty sure you are going to waste a ton of money on proxies, captchas, different kind of software, keyword lists and ebooks in next few months to years. Because you are trying to scrape yourself without knowing the format of basic private proxy. You never find {best|good|never ban} proxy provider if you try to scrape big G or major search engines. 

    It's one of the hardest task or nearly impossible especially for a newbie who doesn't know what's the format of private proxy. 

    I don't underestimate you.But i am pretty confident that's what going to happen you. 

    After cutting the crap you can find very good respected providers in GSA marketplace as well as blackhatworld market place such as buyproxies,reverse proxies, storm proxies

    Every proxy will be banned if you abuse it. You will have to learn your unique sweet spots. 

    It depends with 

    scrapers you going to use
    proxy type
    number of threads 
    and blah blah list goes on. 

    I am pretty high right now with psilocybe Mexicana and i want to make sure this is the perfect answer your question. Oh yeah ;) 

  • Yes, I have already wasted a lot of money on Proxy! But still, not getting a good result.
  • @theresamoore143

    Mean you agreed with me.It's not about proxies. It's about you.
    Do your homework and you will get good results. 
  • TimDawsoneTimDawsone Quit Smoking..Just started Vaping!
    OrlandoWise  Amen! 
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