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Understanding Tiers and Scheduling

edited February 2013 in Need Help

I just started to do a 4-Tier project... 
1 tier - 33 verified per day
2 tier - 333 verified per day
3 tier - 1111 verified per day
4 tier - 2222 verified per day

I want the program to run Tier 1 until it finishes, then automatically start Tier 2 until it finishes.. and so on.. until it finishes all tiers
But the scheduling option only allows to run each tier by X minutes and then rotate.. 

Is there a way to do it until it finishes each tier?  

Thanks a lot and sorry if this is a super noob question.


  • Any help with this one?
  • I guess the question is "why" are you wanting this? Tier 2 links will not start being built until there are some verified tier1 links (and so on). There is no way to specify or limit which tier1 links have tier2 links built to them on a certain day, but why would you want to try to control this anyway? It also does not make real sense to try to control the number of links built to each tier link (if that is what you are wanting).

  • That would ensure much more equally amounts of links to each site.. other wise I could have 3 tier1 links wih 300 tier2 each one, and 30 tier1 links with 10 tier2 each. (and same thing for tier3 and 4)
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