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Adsense content violation notification "Copyrighted material(DMCA)"

VMartVMart Natural SEO
edited October 2017 in GSA Content Generator
I'm using content from GSA CG only for my money site, today I got a notification from adsense. 
I don't know what is the issue.


  • You are using auto generated content on your money site with adsense? You are wicked! B)
    Have you spun the content before putting it on the site? I'm not deeply familiar with GSA CG but I guess it's just scrapes content related to the content and puts it together. If you don't spin it or use high readability settings with some spinners then that can produce highly similar content to the original. Which could cause this sort of problems I guess.
  • SvenSven
    yes hats rue. However it would be interesting to know the details like what material was causing copyright issues to what original content.
  • I guess a manual review of pages would yield some insight. It could be a some blatantly obvious thing like a copyright sentence from a scraped site.

    Anyway, google is being very kind nowadays. When I did some little mischief a couple of years ago they revoked my whole access to AdSense for life. Lucky you Vmart.
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