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Newbie to GSA SER needs some help

Hi guys,

I'm a real newbie to GSA SER and need some help on how to use the software properly.
What I'm planning to do is to create a Tier 2 links to and existing high-quality Tier 1 links created manually over the time ( to power them up). The Tier 1 links are around 100.

So here are my questions:

1. For Tier 2 links I'm planning to buy a fresh list from reputable service like SErocket. Do you think this is OK or I need to create my own list using ScrapeBox? I prefer to buy the list because is much easier but not sure if that list ( which obviously will be spammed very soon) will be good enough for Tier 2 links.

As I mentioned already my plan is to create Tier 2 links to around 100 Tier 1 links but not sure how to do it properly.

2. Should I link to every Tier 1 link from every Tier 2 link from the list? In other words - how many Tier 2 links to every Tier 1 link are enough?

3. How many links per day or in total is fine for that kind of campaign? I mean if you were on my place how you will do it?

Now about the content for these Tier 2 links.

What I'm planning to do is to use Kontent Machine to generate the articles and then to spin this articles using WordAi Turing service.

And here is the last question ( more related to Kontent Machine rather then GSA SER) :

1. If I generate 1 super spun article using Kontent Machine + WordAI is it gonna be enough for that campaign? I mean what settings i need to use in Kontent Machine to get enough unique articles for the campaign?


  • shaunshaun
    "buy a fresh list from reputable service like SErocket"

    They are far from reputable in my opinion. Heres my review on their BST and here is another member of BHW backing up my opinion in a different thread with his own experience.

    If you need a list, try Looplines. I have used him since 2015 and recently we partnered on this promotion for his list to save people an additional 10%.
  • Thanks for your help shaun, and what about the other questions? Can you advise me because you look very experienced with gsa ser.
  • shaunshaun
    I am mostly using PBNs now and haven't used SER for a few weeks but I have a few projects following this type of thing.
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