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I've been lurking for some time and found tremendous help on getting my submissions from 10LPM to over 120LPM. Thanks to everyone who has posted all this valuable information. I will try to start giving back!

I've recently switched over to scheduler mode and not sure if it's related but after about 2-3 minutes, all my projects switch to verify mode which kills the submissions. 

Running about 30 projects (10 every 30 minutes).

Mostly 3 tiered. 

Tier 1 set to verify every 1440 minutes
Tier 2 set to verify every 3000 minutes
Tier 3 set to never verify (just changed that)

It's mostly the tier 2 projects but they seem to be verifying constantly and it's really killing my LMP (100+ at peak, down to about 30 with all the verifying. 

Any thoughts?


  • SvenSven
    Accepted Answer
    Do you use any "pause project" settings in the projects?
  • I do but the thresholds are quite high and do not normally pause.

    It seems much better today. I had it consistently over 200LMP most of the day then it froze...back to a good clip after a reboot.

    I think since I removed the "verify" on the bottom tier projects, that made a difference since there were tens of thousands of links to verify.
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