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Best Practice for Backlinks - SEO

edited February 2013 in Need Help
What are some good and latest SEO practices to build linkx with GSA ? 

Which platforms to use? (Social Net., Social Book, Web 2.0)
How many tiers to set?
How many backlinks to build?


  • Forgot to mention, am asking specifically for blog. I noticed lot of people refer to money sites
  • there are a lot of variations and different opinions about how you should build links, there is not a right way to do it you just need to find your own way.. you start following someone guide but then you start making your own tweaks, just read the high quality campaing @ozz created and start from there.
  • @rodol did that :) thanks.
  • For me personally, I like to use just Article and Social Network sites for Tier 1.  Mainly because of the contextual links.

    Then I'll use Article and Social networks as well as social bookmarks and Microblogs for Tier 2.

    And then I use blog comments, image comments, guestbooks, and Indexer for Tier 3.
  • @DanTheMan, how is that working for you? any successful project about ranking sites with that strat?
  • I build like dan, but I see no sense wasting secondary links on secondary links. thats why I Only do a T1+secondary
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