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what exactly does contextual and non-contextual mean ?

what exactly is the difference between a contextual and a non-contextual link ?

1. does it only mean that a link is surrounded by relevant article/text ? in that case a profile link with an article in the description will be considered contextual ?
2. does a link have to be on a page that is internally linked ? will it then be called contextual ?
3. or does the link have to be on a page that has a keyword rich title tag, to be considered contextual ?

is a blog comment contextual ?
is a link from a page that has no internal incoming links, considered contextual ?

what are the essential parameters to count a link as contextual ?


  • SvenSven
    1. if correct
    a blog comment is contextual if it is a anchor text and surrounded by text of that topic. However I would not count that contextual as it is to less text.

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