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Is there a difference between the two ways that a Tier Project can be made?

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Hope everyone is having a good Monday and start of the new week. :)

My question about GSA-SER is this:

I've found two ways to make a new tier project:

The first way, the way I've been doing it: Essentially start off with a new project or use a duplicated project, and set the URL to Use Verified Targets from other projects, by checking the second checkbox down after the URL blank, and then checking off the project(s) I want to make the tier to.

The second way, which I only discovered yesterday: When going through the menus again (every time I find new stuff b/c at first a lot of it wasn't relevant to me, and as I learn, more and more items are...anyway), I found I could select a project, and choose Create A Tier project, right under Right Click->Modify Project->Duplicate.

Are there any differences??

I've thus far found:

-If a project has more than one source of verified links checked off, the project will NOT appear with the lines and arrows in the Projects window, as it does for single-source Tier projects.

-When I use their Create a Tier option, the new tier will be linked with the lines and arrows in the main Project window, but it will also have the word [Tier] appended to the end of the name.

-If I create a tier using either of the methods cited above in this post, and only use ONE Verified URL source, the new Project will always appear visibly "attached" (via the lines and arrows) to the source project.
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