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What is the Fastest Way to Build Tiers for Multiple sites?

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What would be the easiest way to make multiple projects? For instance, if i needed to build backlinks to about 25 different sites that are just a subsection to the main site. What would be the fastest way to do that? Would i have to keep creating new projects one by one for each site or could i simply make a project and input all of the URLS in one project?

Example: I have a review site that i want to drive backlinks to each article on that site. So if there are, let's say, 25 articles i want to drive links to do i have to make individual projects for each one or can i just put all of the URLS in one project, and then do my normal tiers as i would with any other site?


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    You can put all the Tier Is all in one Project in the Data section.
    At URL, go to the Edit button, and then go down to import file.

    You can list all the URLs in a simple .txt file you create outside of GSA-SER.

    When would you NOT do this??

    When you have inner pages that are very different, and you don't want inner page A's KWs all over inner pages B, C, D..., and don't want B's KWs on A, C, D..., etc...

    Or you are using different strategies for each...

    Or you have different articles and media for each...

    Then you have to go crazy and make them separate. :)


    If you already have made the different pages on different projects in GSA-SER, and you are trying to do a Tier II to multiple Tier I links in different projects, it's easy, too.

    Go to the  Data window in your new Tier II project you're making, then under URL, the second box down, click "Use verified URLs of another project" and then select multiple checkboxes corresponding to your Tier I projects you want to backlink.

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