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Could GSA-SER's proxy module indicate which way it's checking proxies?

DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
edited October 2017 in Feature Requests
Good day, pplz!~ :)

My question is this: There is a way to set GSA to auto check proxies against the options in the menu (Google Search, Google PR, etc).

@Sven explained that the last manual search done, will be what's used for the auto-check for automatically acquired new proxies, when the Proxies->Options->Check if Anonymous is left UNchecked.

Could GSA-SER maybe highlight the present method (last used) on the menu in the Proxy List-->Test Button menu (to see what was last done on auto that has since completed), and while testing is in progress, since the Test button is then disabled and only useful to see how the last proxies have passed, also just print what GSA-SER's proxy module is testing against presently, to the screen?

Sometimes GSA-SER's been on a while and I cannot recall without writing down which test was last done. :p

Thank you!!


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