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Is the blogspot comment engine anymore useful

i am new to ser, and still trying to figure out the most useful engines. my site lists have a huge number of blogspot targets.

is blogspot comment engine useful anymore in 2017 and ahead ?
google has the strongest captcha in place. after submitting to about 1000 blogspots i could not create a single verified link.

is blogspot already obsolete ?


  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    Hi again, @feedpanda. :)

    Like I said, I'm at the starting point learning engines, too! Exciting, huh?!

    I think the next program I'm getting from GSA is Platform Identifier.  It seems like the best way to spend my money right now for what I'm doing, as it's tied into this topic.

    I can tell you about Captchas.

    2Captcha is an external service that has an API GSA-SER uses in real-time. They can solve recapt..2 from G, if that's what it's using.  They use real people, as far as I know, solving the puzzles for you.  The pricing is affordable.

    GSA-CS alone won't work for those, nor will other competing programs.

    As far as I know, Blogspot is OK to post to. Anyone know differently about this in the present day?
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