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Stop after creating only N verified backlinks for each url in a project. How ?

So I have a project with say 30 urls. I want to create only 200 verified backlinks to each one of the 30 urls.
So as the project runs, it should skip urls that already have reached the limit and continue with the rest.
and eventually stop after the limit is reached for all urls.

how do i do this ?


  • SvenSven
    Im afraid you need to create one project for each url if you really need exactly 30 links for each url, else you would need just one but then SER might create e.g. 25 for one url and 35 for the other.
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    "...but then SER might create e.g. 25 for one url and 35 for the other." -@Sven

    That seems perfectly OK. :)

    @fredpadnda: Maybe having some variation would be tolerable, even preferred? If the projects are otherwise identical, it's a lot of extra projects just to get an exact number of links.  But if that's what you need, you'd just copy the project 29 times.

    Select Project so it's highlighted. Right click, Select Modify Project->Duplicate->Everything->29 times.

    Then you just have to change the URL in each. :)
  • @Sven
    25 for one and 35 for another would still be ok.
    so how to do that. which option can put that limit ?
  • SvenSven
    configure normally with all the urls in the project data + in options enable to pause/stop project after certain amount of links and check the box "per url".
  • DeeeeeeeeDeeeeeeee the Americas
    edited October 2017
    I think what @Sven just added would be best.  And way easier.

    I like to keep that checkbox set so in a single session, I can control the total number of links per project generated when I leave GSA-SER on and let it work.

    You can save the most time this way to do what you wanted without creating a mess.

    And, you can have variation of 25 - 35 generated backlinks by checking:
    [ ] Stop the project after 30  backlinks +/- 5 per URL for X amount of time

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