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Not verifying emails on Forum engines?


So I'm a backlink builder and I've been using GSA SER for a lot of time
I don't know when this started happening but lately I've noticed that GSA SER is not even checking for emails on Forum engines

On projects I use only Article engines for my link building GSA SER verify all emails normally
When GSA SER starts to verify the emails it shows a message: Parsing of done by X%
It takes a few minutes to parse everything and I got a lot of messages saying "Found X URLs (X verify, X login) for Joomla K2/other engine

Now on projects that contain only Forums, when it starts to verify emails in only 10 seconds it already shows "Email verification finished". It doesn't find any URLS (verify/login), it doesn't show "parsing of done by X%", nothing, even though the catchall emails used to build accounts on forum engines got several emails on their inbox (1000s)

So looks like it's not even opening the emails and this happens only on forum engines

I'm using the latest version. Right now I'm using 10 catchall emails from

Do you know what is happening?

Thanks in advance


  • SvenSven
    This "done by X%" is only shown if the email checking takes a longer time to get you an idea whats actually happening.

    Are there actually verification waiting on that project?
  • I have over 100 active projects and all contains lots of submitted but not verified links (awaiting account verification)

    And a lot of emails on my catchall accounts, but GSA SER "check" them all in under 5 seconds and never find anything

    And this happens only on forum engines. On projects that contains only article and social network engines, it parses my catchalls normally and find many activation/login urls (even though catchalls used on articles engines contains less emails on their inbox than forum engines)
  • So, I don't know why
    But I just changed my catchall provider (from catchallboxes to seospartans) and all emails are getting verified normally again on forum engines
    My success rate increased A LOT
  • shaunshaun
    Not sure if I tried batchallboxes back in the day but I did try a whole bunch of providers and they were all bad. Then I tried SEOSpartans and never looked back.
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