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VPS Question

edited February 2013 in Need Help
I am using GSA SER with proxies on my regular internet connection, Comcast is my ISP, and the software seems to work just fine.  I've noticed on this forum that pretty much everyone uses a VPS and I'm not really sure why.  What are the reasons that I should use a VPS when the program seems to run just fine through my normal connection?


  • Basically because the VPS is On 24/7, doesnt clog up your internet conection (should have fast connection also), and has easy access anywhere.

    If you are still testing, or not pushing it hard enough, that i guess it's ok for now, but if you plan to hit big numbers you will eventually drain out your cpu or internet conection, making it very hard to use your pc to anything else but GSA.
  • ronron
    I use Comcast and for 90% of the time it is great. The only issue is when the kids get home from school and the parent get home. The bandwidth is shared with neighbors and it can get very slow. Sometimes I can't even get through to a website with my browser. Usually SER is just fine, but my personal stuff can be completely hampered. So there's a great reason to get VPS.  
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