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Problems importing Kontent Machine from Cloud

RadiodudeRadiodude United Kingdom
Hey can anyone help me please?
Thank you for reading this. Hope someone else has had this issue and can guide me.

In Article manager>tools>autofill>use Kontent Machine>API. The correct API is inserted I choose my article from the Cloud.
Nothing appears.

Do you have suggestions?
What is it I'm doing wrong?


  • I've noticed that happen, intermittently though. I just imported some content via api just now from kontent machine and it worked first time. But about 10 minutes ago, I did the same thing and it looked like it was importing my content, but a minute later, no articles were downloaded.

    Seems like a connection issue via the api. Just keep trying until it downloads your articles.

  • RadiodudeRadiodude United Kingdom
    edited October 2017
    Thanks sickseo, You're right intermittent problem. Got it to work once using - Add>use Kontent Machine> with API. Bizzare thought I was doing something wrong, still have the issue.  Built articles to computer from KM then - Add> import from the folder. Think I need to raise a ticket with KM. Wasn't sure which software was causing the problem. 
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